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Title: 2020/9/17 11:20:54
Hi, I ordered the 3 roll sushi special online today and one of my rolls was wrong. I got cucumber roll instead of California. My receipt even said cucumber roll on it but my order that was emailed to me says California. I love ordering from yum Yum online so I hope this problem doesn't happen again.
Title: 2020/9/16 13:59:17
Please bring back the pork katsu
Title: 2020/5/6 12:40:13
This place has delicious food. I recommend this restaurant
Title: 2020/5/11 12:36:53
Title: 2020/4/23 15:38:46
You guys need to update your phone or something. No reason why your servers online should be crashing either. This is bullshit. Annoying
Title: 2020/4/21 5:21:00
Open back up!
Title: 2020/2/6 14:56:38
Do you use Door Dash or GrubHub for deliveries?
Title: 2020/11/25 9:05:26
Please repair your online ordering.
Title: 2020/1/4 10:23:55
Should add more photos to your website.
Title: 2017/12/23 7:11:40
Hello! Do you not open any earlier with the holidays? I have to be to work by 11 today, but really wanted order from you guys. Is that a possibility to have something ready by 10:50?
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